Do you publish printed books or learning resources? Do you wonder how your readers are interacting with your books? Do you want access to a 25% larger share of the market?

At iSmart, we can help. Our app is based on researched and proven methodologies which are beneficial both for the publisher and the end-reader. If you already sell eBooks, with iSmart you can give support and accessibility to your customers by providing them with all iSmart functionality for free. If your publishings are not digital yet, and you are looking to make them more accessible, iSmart can facilitate this process for you.

Integrating iSmart to your business, means you can open up for you 25% of the market that you could not reach before. With our AI and data reporting, we can give you visibility on how your readers are interacting with your books. All this resulting in more potential sales and stronger compelling product for existing clients who are inclusion focused (schools, foundations, NGOs).

You can even give our iSmart tool to your budding authors so that they can benchmark their current writings against a complexity rating that is calculated based on how readers interact with the books. Find out if your future books are simple to understand for readers with learning difficulties and save money whilst increasing potential revenues

Why Choose iSmart?

  • We give you data on how your books are being read and used
  • We rate your books on complexity for learning difficulties
  • We do the marketing for you in schools thanks to our piloting and PR with different regions and countries - we can also target the schools in the areas you want
  • We promote you in all the events we attend that focus on inclusion
  • Same book cannot be opened by more than one user using iSmart - your copyright is protected
  • Easy method to get your books iSmart compatible
  • Growing iSmart user-base

How do we work?

  • Contact us today to be one of our initial batch of publishers that will get integrated into iSmart for free (we are waiving the integration fees for the first 5 publishers)
  • Decide on a revenue share model that is a win-win for both of us
  • Get insights on your books and authors that you never had before and save money

If you are interested to work together, reach to us today on [email protected]