The Team

Angele Giuliano


Currently focusing on building iSmart into a profitable business to help us reach as many students as possible around the world. My focus is on investor relations, business partners and early piloting of schools. Contact me today to set up an appointment.

Annalise Duca


Involved in the operations of iSmart. From initial stages to piloting she was always there discussing with students, teachers, parents and experts on how best to build the perfect app for students with learning difficulties. She is also currently leading the team in terms of product development and marketing overview.

Jacqueline Bugeja


Managing the financial aspects of the company and liaising with investors on the company's operations, managerial organisation, and financial standing.

Peter Meadley


Managing the product development team for iSmart. Programming of new features and making sure that the product is fully tested before releasing it to homes and schools.

Davide Platania

Senior Developer

Closely working on making our website as user-friendly as possible, whilst ensuring that any new feature being suggested is implemented.

Mark Cauchi

Front End Developer

With an eye for detail and programming skills, Mark is working with the rest of the development team to ensure the right UX and UI are in place for both our app and portal.

Melissa Muscat

Marketing Executive

Helping with letting the whole world know about iSmart as much as possible.