Our product comes in 3 versions; iSmart Home, iSmart Class and iSmart School. All our great functions are made available to all our users.

iSmart Home home
Ideal for parents who wish to support their child in their learning journey. This tool can be used to help read, write and study. Features include: text-to-speech and speech-to-text, diary, mind mapping, homework and materials.

iSmart Home allows you to create 1 student, 2 parents, 1 teacher.

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iSmart Class teacher-desk
Contains all the features from iSmart Home plus timetable, reporting and messaging. This can be also used within learning support groups, with dyslexia experts and psychologists during after school activities.

iSmart Class allows you to create 50 students, 100 parents, 25 teachers.

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iSmart School school
Contains all features of iSmart Class plus full integration with your existing school management system for seamless data transfer and avoiding duplication of data inputting. iSmart School is available at all levels including primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Currently in Development.

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