Sponsor a Student, Class or School!

Helping students achieve their full potential is something that we believe strongly in. However we need your help to be able to reach as many children as possible.

We do understand that several organisations are already trying to do their best to reach out to the community but we feel that together we can do more from the grassroot level. Moreover, employers and human resource professionals are always striving to ensure that they have the best within their team! To ensure this possibility, we need to start investing in our future employees…basically those that are still studying!

What is so special about iSmart?

iSmart makes reading is easier with text adaptation, special fonts and a reading ruler. Speech-to-text helps to write quicker and check spelling. Mind Mapping provides support whilst studying. iSmart includes reporting, internal communications, a repository for sharing materials and many more features.

What are we proposing?

You can easily make a difference in someone’s life! As an organisation or a benefactor, you can choose one of the schemes below:

*Sponsorship does not include the supply of devices (such as tablets/computers).

You can choose any school and we will provide them iSmart in English, Italian or Polish. We are always working on adding more translations, so contact us if you need some additional language.

As a CSR sponsor, we will be listing you in our sponsors page on our website, on all social media, during any event that we participate in and we will place your logo on the app that you have helped make available to children.


Call us today on +356 99447060 or send us an email on [email protected]

Available Sponsorships

iSmart Home – 11 out of 11 available

iSmart Class – 1 out of 1 available

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Current Sponsors


  • Matthew Cassar – Malta
  • Stella Muscat – Malta
  • Katrina Elchami – Canada
  • André Delafontaine – Switzerland
  • Katie B. – United Kingdom
  • Diane Muscat – Malta
  • Joonas Korgan – Finland
  • Paul Ostafiehyk – United Kingdom
  • Francesca Seychell – United Kingdom
  • Emmanuel Ostafiehyk – United Kingdom